For the people who bring people together.

When neighbors need updates on the development down the street, they know you’re the one to ask. When someone needs to speak up at the school board meeting, everyone nudges you toward the mic.

And when the nearly unthinkable happened in the presidential election, everyone gathered in your living room to grieve. Then you made plans.

Leaderful exists for the natural conveners. The strategists and schemers who know that people power is the best power. The dreamers who know America is better than this.

Mass movements—from civil rights to gay rights, labor to black lives, the Arab Spring to the Women’s March—don’t depend on one powerful person in charge, but they aren’t leaderless either. They depend on thousands of regular people who inspire and organize their neighbors to make change happen. You are leaderful.

What we can do for you

Not much. Oh sure, we want to help. But you have to be the one leading in this fight. You are the grassroots movement, across issues and organizations.

What we can do is support in a few targeted ways. The skills and tools you need to win aren’t rocket science, but they don’t come naturally either. We’ll do what we can to equip you.

Likewise, navigating the political system can be daunting. We’ll help you figure out how to set your strategy to make your local efforts more effective. We’ll also bring you stories of change from across the country, showing what can be done when communities work together.

What we won’t do

Tell you when to call your Congressperson. Invite you to sign a petition. Ask you to donate money. Organize a march.

There are plenty of great organizations doing those things. We just aren’t one of them. We don’t want you to be part of our thing. We want to help you with your thing.

But who are we?

Leaderful was launched in May 2017 by Dave Algoso. He’s a strategy consultant, facilitator, and writer who lives in Brooklyn—by way of Virginia, Santa Barbara, Tallahassee, Columbus, D.C., Manhattan, Nairobi, and a few other places.

Get in touch

Tell us how we can support your work. What challenges do you face? What tools would be helpful? Reach out by twitter, email, or the form below.

Header photo: Women’s March St. Paul. Image by Fibonacci Blue via Flickr. (CC BY 2.0)