When neighbors need updates on the development down the street, they know you’re the one to ask. When someone needs to speak up at the school board meeting, everyone nudges you toward the mic.

And when the nearly unthinkable happened in the presidential election, everyone gathered in your living room to grieve. Then you made plans.

Leaderful exists for the natural conveners. The strategists and schemers who know that people power is the best power. The dreamers who know America’s best days are still to come.

Mass movements—from civil rights to gay rights, labor to black lives, the Arab Spring to the Women’s March—don’t depend on one powerful person in charge. But they aren’t leaderless either. They depend on thousands of regular people who inspire and organize their neighbors to make change happen. You are leaderful.

The skills and tools you need to win aren’t rocket science, but they don’t come naturally either. We’re here to help equip you for the challenges of building power locally, and then wielding that power for a more just and peaceful world.